OMA Hospital Auxiliary Conference 2014

A brief description of the Okanagan Mainline Area (OMA) Hospital Auxiliary Conference, which was held in Summerland October 17th and 18th 2014.

I really enjoy the conferences as I get to spend time with some amazing and interesting people. This one was no exception, the motivational speakers being particularly informative and thought provoking. I will give you a quick overview of what each of the speakers talked about as the full content would take hours.

One of the speakers, Dell Reimer, is the the pastor of the Summerland Baptist Church. He talked about moving beyond our comfort zones. He spoke of how everything we do benefits and affects all those around us, as well as ourselves. The value of volunteers – building a team – setting goals and personal growth. A couple of sayings that hit home are: “Enhance the life of those around you and it will in turn enhance your life.” “The Right people in the Right places for the Right reasons.” “Embrace creativity and avoid assumptions.”

Another speaker, Hugh Culver, was dynamic and at times hilarious! His topic was about how we each look at and categorize “windows to the world”. He spoke of how we tend to make snap judgments when we see a particular situation, person or event. Then about how we can open our windows by practicing forgiveness, asking better questions – and develop our personal growth by ‘faking it’. In other words, push our boundaries by challenging ourselves to do more things even if we are uncomfortable in the beginning. We can fake it till we get it!

He also talked about unwanted routines and how to set new ones by increasing the rewards and making it more fun. He finished off his presentation by stating, “If you’re trying something different and it’s not working, then try doing it in a different way and make a different mistake!”

Our third speaker was Juanita Yuill who is a Residential Health Service Administrator. Her topic – Teams and elements of alignment. She talked about ‘Personal Success Factors’ or what individuals want, team success factors, building trust and commitment. She finished with a quote from Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do, therefore excellence is not an act but a habit.”

I have requested a copy of her notes so hopefully I can go into more detail on her presentation at a future time. I found what she had to say very interesting and I think we could all learn from this information.

The hotel Summerland Waterfront Resort was amazing, the food in the Local Lounge/Restaurant was plentiful and delicious. The Friday night buffet was very tasty and the entertainment was good.

The last thing on our agenda was the Annual General Meeting for the OMA. This was very short and addressed the necessary financial statements, budget for 2015, reports and new business. They are actively seeking a new Area Representative for the BCAHA board.

A few interesting statistics that may interest you for 2013: The 19 auxiliaries in the OMA donated $2,229,960. and $85,300. in bursaries. The provincial total donations was $8,859,585. with $236,193. in bursaries. The OMA leads with the biggest donations in the province. The make-up of the OMA is 1303 adult members contributing 452,874 hours. This is a huge increase of twice as many hours as reported in 2012. There were 227 youth members with 11,118 hours.

If you have never attended a conference I would advise you to try it one day! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to attend this one.

Doreen Poulsen